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Priding themselves on tailored services and cutting-edge business solutions, Siena Consulting is the mastermind behind the Siena Reasoning Test (SRT). If you are here, it is likely that you are being asked to complete this exam by a potential employer. Luckily, JobAssessmentHelp has curated the most thorough and effective guide to understanding and preparing for the SRT.

What is The Siena Reasoning Test?

The SRT is a pre-employment examination that, depending on the hiring company’s needs, may use a verbal and non-verbal assessment to determine a prospective employee’s potential and abilities. This type of test is important for companies to save time and money training individuals who do not possess the skills and knowledge for the job in question.

The Siena Reasoning test uses numerical and logical reasoning as a gauge for these abilities. That is why the test is so popular among companies with positions that require workers to do a lot of quick thinking or make decisions under pressure.

What Does the Siena Reasoning Test Look Like?

The Siena Consulting Company can adjust and curate the SRT to fit the needs of a specific employer. For this reason, the number of questions you may see on the test can vary greatly. Typically, the timed test works out to about 1-minute of time per question. For example, if the test has 30 questions you will be given 30 minutes to complete it.

One of the most interesting things about the Siena Reasoning Test is that the test may look completely different from one company to another. However, the general approach of the test is the same.

The exam doesn’t focus on linguistic abilities or the level of education an employee holds. Instead, the SRT gauges the base intelligence and reasoning skills of the test-taker. This creates an even playing field for applicants of all genders, races, education-levels, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Shifting the focus of pre-employment evaluation to general cognitive abilities helps lower bias in the hiring process and makes it so anyone can succeed with proper practice and guidance.

How are Cognitive Abilities Tested?

The testing of general intelligence is typically done through the use of questions that probe for numerical, verbal, and abstract reasoning. These questions are often made with simple illustrations and patterns. Other questions are often story-style and force the test-taker to show their understanding of nuance as well as their situational awareness.

Here are some examples of questions you may see on the Siena Reasoning Test.

Numerical Reasoning Example Questions

Read the following chart. Then, use the information to answer the questions.

Student Employment Rates in Bella Vista 2016 High School Senior

Graduate StatusEmployedUnemployedContinuing Education
Failed/Dropped Out20115
  1. How many students graduated from Bella Vista in 2016?

A. 100
B. 240
C. 120
D. 20

Answer: B

2. If all the students continuing their education were to find a job, how many 2016 Bella Vista students would be employed?

A. 135
B. 240
C. 100
D. 255

Answer: D

Verbal Reasoning Example Questions

Read the text. Then, answer the related questions.

Carpool Sign Ups

Carpool sign up starts today!

Use the map to find within which location group your home is located. Then, add your name to the sign-up sheet for that location. When sign-up ends, your group will be permitted a 15-minute meeting in the employee lounge to discuss partners and the overall carpool schedule.

For questions or help, contact Cassidy in HR.

Sign-ups end August 4th at 2 pm.  

Question: What is the first step to sign-up for a carpool group?

  1. Put your name on the list.
  2. Identify your location group on the map.
  3. Contact Cassidy in HR.
  4. There isn’t enough information.

Answer: B

Question: When will you choose your carpool partner?

  1. When you sign up.
  2. When you talk to HR.
  3. During your 15-minute meeting.
  4. While carpooling.

Answer: C

Abstract Reasoning Example Questions

Complete the patterns:

How to Prepare for the Siena Reasoning Test

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