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Our Bundle Practice Pack covers the common tests you are going to face in the Wells Fargo assessment.
The pack includes:

  • Personality Tests
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Basic Math
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Situational Judgment Tests

Tests: 149 Questions: +2100

Wells Fargo Application & Hiring Process

So what can job applicants expect during the Wells Fargo hiring process?

Applicants interested in a job with Wells Fargo can apply online or attend a local hiring event. In addition, you can visit from your cell phone or other devices for a mobile-friendly experience.

To get started, simply sign up for the Wells Fargo job seeker database and create a profile online. Through the job seeker database, you can search for jobs, create saved searches, save jobs, upload your resume, provide your information, and apply for desired positions. Wells Fargo offers a variety of career paths across several divisions including community banking, corporate or international opportunities.

Once your information is saved and your profile has been created, recruiters will also be able to find your resume and may contact you when they have open positions. Recruiters also suggest having a completed LinkedIn profile to help stand out from other job applicants.

To complete the application process online, fill out and submit your application from the job seeker portal. The system will create and send an email confirmation to let you know your application was received. Wait to be contacted by the recruiter or hiring manager if your profile, skills, and experience match the hiring needs.

Wells Fargo Assessment Tests

Many employers, including Wells Fargo, require employment assessment tests in order to better screen interested applicants. Assessment tests help the company determine whether you have the necessary skills, experience, talent, and other characteristics required for job success.

The type of test(s) you might need to take will vary widely depending on the position you are applying for, and not all positions will require a screening assessment. If the position you are applying for requires an online assessment, you will be directed to a screening page to complete your tests. Follow the prompts in order to successfully submit your assessments. Keep in mind, an assessment result or score is valid for up to 6 months, so preparation and studying is key to achieving job search success.

Some of the standard tests you might be expected to complete during the Wells Fargo hiring process include:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test – Especially if you are applying for a bank teller position, a numerical reasoning test might be required in order to ensure you can perform the basic math skills and calculations required for the job.
  • Personality Test – Personality tests are largely becoming standard across many large organizations. They help tell future employers about important things like your communication style, leadership abilities, or collaboration preferences.
  • Logical Reasoning Test – In short, these tests help measure your problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. Many leadership and management roles require this type of assessment test.
  • English Aptitude Test – If you are applying for an international position or if English is not your first language, you may be asked to complete a basic English test.
  • Situational Judgement Test – Since many positions within Wells Fargo involve customer service, a situational judgment test may be required to see how well you perform under pressure and make judgments under stress. These tests present real-time scenarios you might encounter in the course of your job.

Wells Fargo Interview Tips

Next up is the interview process. For a successful interview, prepare by doing your homework ahead of time. Practice answering questions with a family member or friend, review the job requirements and expectations, and research company culture and employee experiences.

Some questions you may be asked include “Why would you like to join Wells Fargo?” and “How can you past job experiences help you in a future position at Wells Fargo?” Having knowledge of the company, its culture, and the position you are applying for will help you answer these questions in the best way possible.

Interviewers at Wells Fargo also typically use the STAR method to ask about anecdotal situations from your past employment. STAR stands for “Situation, Task, Action, Result” and you can prepare for these nerve-wracking questions by having clear examples in mind of a time you took action to achieve the desired result.

Although the interview process varies by business group, you will typically be asked to participate in a screening call with a recruiter, followed by an interview with the hiring manager. Interviews may be conducted via telephone, in a group setting, or 1-on-1. Throughout the process, you will have access to a Wells Fargo recruiter who will keep you updated with the necessary next steps and expected time frame. The interview process typically takes about 1 month.

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the nation’s 4th-largest bank. This Fortune 500 company is headquartered in San Francisco and employs more than 250,000 Americans. All eligible regular and part-time employees of Wells Fargo enjoy numerous benefits such as paid time off, paid parental leave, health insurance, and 401(K) matching. In addition, Wells Fargo team members receive commuter benefits, employee discounts, college scholarships, tuition reimbursement, and even adoption reimbursement. It’s no wonder Wells Fargo was named as one of LinkedIn’s Top 50 Companies in 2019!

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