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The Birkman Assessment is a pre-employment personality assessment created by the Birkman company. This company has been creating materials to assess the personality traits and job performance potential of individuals since 1951.

The Birkman Assessment has been updated over the years to match the modern work force and to ensure that the evaluation is not biased across racial, economic, or gender lines. As such, it is a highly regarded evaluation among many industries and has led to an increase in employment for women in many fields.

What Does the Birkman Assessment Measure?

This test is a personality evaluation that looks at your behaviors, response to hypothetical scenarios, and general opinion of yourself to determine the core traits of your personality. These traits – like reliability, organization, and problem-solving skills – are seen as ways to predict how well a person will perform in a specific position.

Different careers and job responsibilities require different traits, which means there is no bad score in the grand scheme of things. However, if your assessment measures you to have the opposite personality of the one a company desires, it can keep you from moving forward in the hiring process.

How is the Birkman Assessment Structured?

The Birkman Assessment contains 298 questions that must be answered before you can submit your answers. 250 of these items are framed as true or false questions. The remaining 48 are questions with multiple-choice answers.

There is no hard time limit for this test, but you are typically expected to have it completed in less than 50 minutes.

Once you have completed the test you will be given a report of your results. This report can be framed in a multitude of ways (up to 40) depending on the company issuing the test and how they’ve requested the results be framed.

Still, you are being measured on the same factors no matter how they are reported. The results will show how well your relate or exemplify the characteristics of a few positive personality traits. These include:

  • Problem Solving/ Working in the Real World
  • Ideas and Innovation
  • Communication and Motivation Abilities
  • Organization Skills, Consistency, and Cautiousness

What if I Fail the Birkman Assessment?

The Birkman Assessment is not a pass or fail exam. Instead, it provides a report that shows your personality type and behavior styles which can help employers predict how well you will succeed in a position. In that regard, your results can prevent you from getting a job you desire, but that doesn’t mean you have failed the exam.

If your personality profile doesn’t match a hiring manager’s expectations you may be allowed to discuss your shortcomings in your interview, where you can defend your strengths and explain how you are a good match for the position. Alternatively, you can negate this situation by understanding what the company is looking for before taking the exam.

Then, you can use JobAssessmentHelp’s study materials and practice tests to ensure your results match the needs of the company.

Birkman Assessment FAQs

How many questions are on the Birkman Assessment?

The assessment contains 298 total questions. There are 250 true and false questions and 48 multiple-choice questions. Depending on how quickly you are able to read the test, you may be able to complete the entire assessment in as little as 30 minutes. Your results will then be shown to you and/or your employer immediately.

Which companies use the Birkman Assessment?

The Birkman Assessment is used by over 8,000 companies and counting! Some of the biggest names in the United States workforce trust the Birkman Assessment. This includes but is not limited to AT&T, JPMorgan, IBM, Coca-Cola, Philips, and many more.

Can I Retake the Birkman Assessment?

Yes and no. If you are taking the assessment for one company, you will have to stick with your initial results. Retaking the test will not be an option if you are not satisfied with your results (which is why practice is so important). However, if you are applying at a new company that requests you to take the Birkman Assessment, your old results will not transfer, so you will get to retake the test.

Is the Birkman Assessment timed?

No. There is no hard time limit on the Birkman Assessment, but it usually takes around 30-45 minutes to complete the entire test.

Is the Birkman Assessment ESL friendly?

Yes! The Birman is available in 20 languages to help individuals of many different backgrounds complete the test accurately.

How is the Birkman Assessment different from other personality tests?

Most personality tests are given as a pre-employment assessment and the results are shown only to the hiring party. However, the Birkman utilizes their results to show the test-taker which careers they should consider while also showing employers the test-taker’s results and potential. This focus on benefitting both parties is a refreshing deviation from standard pre-employment testing.

How to Prepare for the Birkman Assessment

Like with any test, preparation is key to getting the results you desire. At JobAssessmentHelp, we have a multitude of practice tests, study materials, and more to help you prepare for the Birkman or any other assessment. Let us help you gain the confidence you need to succeed at your exam so you can show your employer all the great traits that make you an asset to their company.

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