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BoA Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bank of America employs over 10,000 individuals across the country, including work-from-home and virtual employees.  Founded in 1904, this financial institute holds many banking centers in towns and cities across America, with a reported revenue of over $10 Billion annually. 

As a financial institute, Bank of America works very hard to connect with its 57 million estimated customers.  Regardless of each individual’s role at Bank of America, there is a keen expectation for teamwork, respect, and accountability.  Bank of America believes in building careers, not just providing jobs, so each worker is treated with respect, and trust is a key factor between coworkers and management.

Minimum Qualification & Applicant Qualities

There are sixteen different fields of employment at Bank of America; therefore, the qualifications vary greatly.  Each role is clearly outlined with its requirements on the job application site, however.  All jobs require at least a high school degree, and many of the skilled positions, such as Information Technology, require a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree.  Additional certifications and licensing may be required, depending on the legal requirements of positions by state.  Customer-facing roles require at least one year of customer service experience and ability to operate a variety of software systems.  All positions require a high level of organizational skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to demonstrate careful analytical skills in a fast-paced environment.

All applicants are required to review and consent to the Bank of America Terms & Conditions of Employment as part of the application process, provide documentation of work authorization in the United States, and those who are offered positions must complete a background check screening which includes employment references, criminal history information, and potentially credit information, if applying for a role in which funds are handled. 

BoA Application Process

All applications must be completed online at Bank of America’s Career website.  Candidates are encouraged to review all jobs in their communities and area of expertise to determine which positions would be a good fit.  If the opportunity appears to be a good match, candidates will click “Apply Now.”  The first time applying, candidates will be required to build an application profile, which includes relevant past employment information, demographic details such as name and address, and uploading the resume.  This profile will be password protected with a password chosen by the candidate. 

Once the profile has been created, each position will ask a few questions for the application to that particular role.  These questions will be based on the skills required for that role, and typically reflect a confirmation of software and program knowledge, or a description of a level of experience within the requirements of each role (eg: “How many years of customer service experience do you have?”).  Applications and resumes will be sent to the Global Talent Acquisition Center once completed.

The next steps depend on the role.  If the application and resume appear to be a good fit for the role, a candidate will be contacted via email by a Global Talent Acquisition partner to complete an online assessment or phone interview.  There may be several assessments required, depending on the technical requirements of the role.  Some assessments may require assignments such as creating a business plan, or demonstrating how the candidate would approach an IT situation, allowing the recruiting team to see how the candidate would work through a scenario.  Other assessments may be a simple electronic quiz or questionnaire in which the candidate is asked to answer questions truthfully and thoughtfully.  These assessments and assignments may be ongoing throughout the interview process to help the hiring team and Global Talent Acquisition determine whether a candidate is a good fit.

How to Prepare for BoA’s Interview Process?

Bank of America uses a very thorough process of interviews, and candidates can anticipate as many as four or five interviews throughout the process.  Many of these interviews will be panel-type, meaning candidates will be interviewed by several individuals at once.  The types of questions will depend on the role.  For example, customer-facing roles will be asked questions that include a particular scenario, and ask the candidates how they would behave in that situation. 

Role-playing may be required as well, to determine how a candidate will react to different types of inquiries and actions, such as irate customers.  Those interviewing for a technical role will be asked how they might proceed with specific technical situations.  All candidates will be asked to identify their strengths and weaknesses, as well as discuss and identify their key values and abilities. 

Bank of America recommends interviewees research the company and the role for which candidates are applying.  Interviewing is considered a two-way conversation at Bank of America, so candidates are asked to bring some questions they might ask of the interview panel, as well. 

Prepare questions and answers based on the skills assessment and the job description, and be knowledgable about the company and the goals of the position.  Be sure to highlight any relevant experience that might demonstrate an “above and beyond” understanding of the role.  Bank of American also encourages interviewees to follow up via email to thank the panel for their time and encourage any additional dialogue. 

Bank Of America Assessment Test

After the interview, and before you can get a potential job offer, you will need to take several assessment tests to ensure that you are the right candidate for the position. In most cases, the assignments will vary based on your field of work and level of expertise.

The most common examinations conducted by Bank Of America Company are:

BoA Opportunities

Bank of America has sixteen main career areas, including Administrative, Branch Banking, Credit and Lending, Customer Service, Facilities Management, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources, Investment Banking and Markets, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Project Management, Relationship Management, Risk and Compliance, Sales, and Technology.  Each line includes many potential roles, and Bank of America posts the duties and expectations of each role on their job site. 

Roles such as a Teller in a branch can expect around $14/hour.  Banking Center Managers can earn around $67,000 a year, and Personal Bankers and Relationship Managers earn around $45,000 annually.