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This preparation pack includes 7 full length PI Cognitive Assessment timed simulation tests. The timed test simulates the real test conditions, reducing the stressful feeling one can face when sitting for the test for the first time. After you have completed each test you can review the answers with explanations.

The PI Behavioral Assessment is a personality test that assesses where you are on the scale when it comes to 4 major and 1 minor personality traits that are important in the workplace. This is similar to the Big Five theory which assess 5 personality traits on a broader scale. This preparation pack includes 3 example tests and 2 study guides to get you familiarized with personality type questions. Our personality prep is based on the Big Five, and while the style of question is different, this preparation is included in our pack as a bonus to help acquaint you with personality style questions and give you an idea of where your strengths and weaknesses may lie.

Tests: 11 Questions: 730

What Are the Predictive Index Tests?

The Predictive Index Tests consists of two main tests used by companies to test potential employees. The tests include the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment (PIBA) and the Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment or PICA, which is also known as the Predictive Index Learning Indicator (PILI).

PIBA is a personality test, while PICA is a test of one’s cognitive ability. PIBA is a personality test that examines potential employees in the four categories of patience, extroversion, formality and dominance. PICA seeks to test candidates on their cognitive ability as an indicator of their potential workplace performance and as an unbiased means of testing candidates from various fields.

Significance of the Predictive Index Tests       

The predictive index tests are used by companies like IKEA, Microsoft, Chevron, and Dell for their recruitment process. The tests, especially PICA are usually used early in the recruitment process to cut down a large number of candidates to a sizeable pool before interviews begin. Some companies also use them to test their already employed staff.

PIBA is used to determine if you are the right fit for an organization and if your personality can fit into their organizational culture. It determines your personality and behavioral tendencies.

PICA is similar to the various IQ tests you have around, and it assesses your cognitive ability and tries to test your abstract intelligence. 

Failure to do well in these tests can hinder your progress during the interview process.

Format of the Predictive Index Tests   

Format of the PICA Cognitive Assessment Test 

The PICA Cognitive Assessment test consists of 50 questions which you are to answer in 12 minutes. The test is scored over 50, so each question carries one mark. The 50 questions will comprise of questions in the areas of verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, logical puzzles, etc. You have to answer about four questions per minute, so you have to be very fast.

The maximum score is 50, but there is a target score for each job function or industry position. The higher you score, the more likely your chance of being picked for the next stage in the recruitment process.     

Verbal Reasoning Questions

Verbal reasoning questions deal with verbal logic. You will be given some statements or set of statements and asked if the answer is ‘correct,’ ’incorrect,’ or ‘can not be determined.’ 

Word Analogies

You will be given two different pairs of words and you will be asked to identify the relationship between the pairs of words.

Antonyms and Synonyms     

You will be asked to identify similar words or opposite words to specific words.

Logical Reasoning

You will be asked some logical reasoning questions to determine your logical skills.

Numerical Reasoning Questions

Numerical reasoning questions deal with numbers and numerical computation. You will be asked questions on fractions, percentages, ratios, sequence, series, word problems and more.              

Recognition of Patterns

You will be given a series of patterns and asked to identify the next pattern in the series.

Format of the PIBA Behavioral Assessment Test 

The PIBA test consists of two sections. The first section contains a list of 86 adjectives, and you will be asked to select the adjectives that best describe you. The second section contains the same adjectives, but you will be asked to select options in accordance to how you think other people perceive these abilities in you.

Your answers to these two sections help to highlight your personality based on the traits of formality, patience, extroversion and dominance. There is no right or wrong answer, but some personality types are desired for some jobs than others.

The PIBA behavioral test is untimed, but it typically takes less than ten minutes to complete.  

How to Prepare for the Predictive Index Tests?           

The PICA Cognitive Assessment Test

  1. Practice a lot of questions: You need to practice a lot of questions to familiarize yourself with the test questions and be as fast as possible. Since, you have to answer 4 questions per minute, practicing beforehand will ensure that you go a long way in passing the test.
  2. Review your answers after each practice test: After taking the practice PICA tests, review your answers, and find out where you went wrong. Reviewing your answers will help you find out where you went wrong and what to do to get the right answers. It will help you pinpoint your weak areas and identify how you can improve. Try to find out what made each answer correct and look for ways of answering each question faster. You can look up each question online, and you will find tips on answering each question better online. You will find shortcuts and tips for eliminating wrong options straight away. You will also get tips on finding the right answer almost immediately without wasting time trying to solve them.    
  3. Focus on your weak areas: After identifying your weak areas in the exam hall, focus on working on them. Do all you can to strengthen those weak areas and get better on them.      
  4. Be as fast as possible in the test hall: Don’t take your time when answering questions in the test hall. Be as fast as possible. You have limited time to answer the questions. Some of the mathematical questions might take more of your time, and you might need to spend more than 25 seconds on them. So, you need to be as fast as possible.
  5. Leave the mathematical questions for later: If you can do so, leave the mathematical questions for later and answer other types of questions first to save time.  

The PIBA Behavioral Assessment Test

  1. Do your research on the job opening: Before writing the PIBA behavioral test, you can find out the qualities that the company requires for that job opening and position. Think about the personality traits they need and identify if you have those traits personally, and how they have helped you in your career and personal life.        
  2. Take some PIBA practice tests: You will find some PIBA practice tests online. The practice tests will give you a good idea of what to expect when you take the real test. Also, you will be less tensed and in a good position to answer as accurately as possible.