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The Logical Reasoning Practice Pack includes Inductive and Deductive Reasoning practice materials and covers the common tests you are going to face in the logical job assessment.
Abstract Reasoning and Diagrammatic Reasoning are different names for these same tests.

The pack includes:

  • Study Guide
  • Inductive Reasoning Tests
  • Deductive Reasoning Tests
  • Mixed Logical Reasoning Tests

Tests: 37 Questions: 441

A Guide to the SHL Inductive Reasoning Test

SHL (Saville & Holdsworth Ltd.) didn’t become a leading name in pre-employment assessments for no reason. Their exams are some of the most well-crafted and difficult to pass on the market. Their Inductive Reasoning Exam is no exception.

The SHL Inductive Reasoning Test requires complex logically thinking and great time management to succeed. Luckily, we know the best way for you to ace your test and get the job you deserve. Read on for a guide to the SHL Inductive Reasoning Test and get tips for your success.

What is an Inductive Reasoning Test?

Inductive reasoning tests are assessments that focus on non-verbal skills of logical evaluation and pattern recognition.

These exams require you to use complex thinking and information interpretation to recognize patterns, rules, and themes. This will allow you to solve visual puzzles and patterns that are missing segments of information.

Employers desire employees with a natural ability for inductive reasoning as they often require less hands-on guidance to recognize problems and resolve them.

What Does the SHL Inductive Reasoning Test Look Like?

The SHL Inductive Reasoning Test has 24 questions and takes approximately 25 minutes to complete. All questions are multiple-choice and are based on illustrated patterns which are missing segments. Your goal is to find the picture that properly completes the pattern.

How is the SHL Inductive Reasoning Test Scored?

All SHL exams are scored with a comparative model. This means that your test will not be scored on a specific scale. You won’t receive a pass/fail grade based on how many questions you got wrong.

Instead, your overall performance on the exam will be compared to a “norm” group of tests taken by others in your sought job role. If your performance compares above the line when compared to these tests, that is considered a passing score.

It is also important to note that your correct answers are the only ones that matter. Missed questions and unanswered questions hold the same weight. So you should always try to answer every question on the test.

SHL Inductive Reasoning Test Tips for Success

Understand Inductive Reasoning

Many people make the mistake of assuming inductive reasoning is synonymous with deductive reasoning. However, if you prepare for a deductive reasoning test you will not have the skills necessary to properly solve the problems on your inductive reasoning exam.

Inductive reasoning focuses on inference. It requires you to look at a pattern or a group of information and find similarities. Those similarities help you determine rules to follow to complete your pattern or solve a related problem.

Deductive reasoning is used when rules are openly presented. It is about following set instructions, not using logic to figure out the instructions in the first place.

Show Up Properly Rested

One of the most important tips for any type of test is to show up rested, relaxed, and comfortable. If you are running into your testing session at the last second and stressed you are more likely to have a bad performance on your exam.

Try going to bed an hour earlier than you think you need to and give yourself time to stretch and eat before leaving for your exam.

Know When it is Time to Guess

The SHL Inductive Reasoning test is scored by comparing all your correct answers against the average of correct answers provided by a “norm” group of testers. That means that a wrong answer and a missed answer hold the same value in the scoring method.

If you are running low on time or simply cannot solve a question, it is in your best interest to narrow the options down as low as you can and then guess the solution.

If you get it right, your score improves. If you get it wrong, your score stays the same.

Watch the Clock

SHL tests are usually timed and you will be informed of a time limit before your test begins. Be sure to pay attention to any clock so you can manage your time appropriately. If you have 10 questions left and there are 20 seconds left on the clock, it might be time to start guessing on the remaining questions to try and boost your overall score.

Prepare for the Test Beforehand

The absolute best tip for excelling at your SHL Inductive REasoning TEst is to practice your skills before your testing date. You can do this by using the high-quality testing materials provided by JobAssessmentHelp.

The JobAssessmentHelp SHL prep pack can get you ready for any SHL exam and help you improve your speed, accuracy, and overall performance.

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