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The Hogan HBRI Test Practice Pack includes:


  • 5 Full Length Simulation HBRI Style Timed Tests
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Mechanical Reasoning Tests

Tests: 36 Questions: 619

About the HBRI test

The Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory test is given by Hogan which is based in Tusla, Arizona. They provide test examinations to those in business mainly focusing on sales, management, or marketing. It is a test design for business professionals that assess reasoning and analysis skills.

What is the HBRI test?

The HBRI test involves three assessments that will dictate whether you are employed. The process also revolves around making sure future employees are held to a specific standard of skills that are crucial when on the job.

The three assessment exams included in the HBRI test are:

  1. Verbal reasoning and logic
  2. Numerical reasoning
  3. Abstract reasoning

Verbal Reasoning and Logic

This assessment will have multiple-choice questions and present you with different information. The information you will see presented on the tests are things such as groups or series of facts, analogies, and logic riddles. You must analyze how each thing works together. You will need to utilize tactical reasoning and strategic reasoning to make educated decisions.

Numerical Reasoning

For this test, you will complete simple math such as multiplication and addition. You will be asked to interpret data from graphs, charts, and tables. Lastly, you will complete calculations of percentages and ratios. You will also need to calculate areas and distances.

Abstract Reasoning

In this abstract thinking assignment, you will have to answer abstract logic questions and manipulate 2-D and 3-D figures. In this assessment, you will also need to utilize strategic and tactical reasoning and make educated decisions on the best course of action.

Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI)

An important section of the HBRI tests measures how people work, lead, and if you’ll be successful at the organization you’re applying for. The HPI was developed for employers to gain more insight into how people will get along with others by capturing what their behavioral tendencies are.

Employers want to see that you’re someone who will get along with others when you work for them. They also want to see if you’re capable of getting ahead and furthering the company’s reputation through social skills.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)

When you’re sometimes inevitably put under pressure at work, it’s important for employers to see how you react under these situations. The HDS is a measurement of the dark side of personality and gives insight into the qualities and behaviors that emerge when under strain or stress. In this section, it’s important to show you have ambition, a strong personality, and can handle pressure in difficult situations.

An employer wants to see that you’re someone who won’t damage relationships or the company’s reputation as these things are of utmost importance to them. Someone who is reactive and can’t handle pressure in difficult situations can bring on risk of damaging careers or the company itself.

Hogan Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI)

An employer sometimes likes to gain a deeper insight into their candidates by seeing what their values and motives are. What are you striving to obtain, what are your core goals and interests that determine your direction in life? The MVPI measures values and goals and gives a better understanding to employers of what job position and environment will be more productive for you.

If employers have a good understanding of your goals and values, they’ll know what it takes for you to succeed. In this section, you’ll want to show that you’re someone with a strong desire to succeed and grow as a person and with the company.

What is the HBRI test test format?

You will be required to solve 24 questions within a 30 minute time limit. These questions will contain complex sets of data and help the employers evaluate your tactical and strategic reasoning styles.

How to pass the HBRI test assessment?

  • Be familiar with questions that may be asked on the test
  • Practice regularly before taking the exam
  • Read every question thoroughly
  • Come to exam prepared by being well-rested
  • Take your time when doing the exam

The most important thing is to prepare as much as possible before taking the assessments. Doing this will greatly increase your chances of passing the test and being accepted for the job