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Our CCAT Practice Pack covers the common assessments you are going to face in the Crossover tests.
The pack includes:

  • Six Full Length Simulation CCAT Timed Tests
  • Basic Math, Numerical Reasoning & Series Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Logical Reasoning Tests (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Spatial Reasoning Tests
  • Error Checking Tests
  • Personality Tests – Bonus!!!

Tests: 95 Questions: +1330

Understanding Crossover’s Hiring Assessment – The CCAT

The growth of recruitment/ talent agencies has changed the employment world significantly. These companies can help businesses save their time by doing all the legwork of finding the perfect candidates for a position.  This pre-emptive evaluations of candidates can include background checks, interviews, and more often than not – pre-employment assessment tests. 

Today, we are looking at one such company – Crossover.

What is Crossover?

Crossover considers themselves more of a talent acquisition company than a traditional recruitment agency. They offer a place for high quality employees to locate and apply for remote positions from a multitude of companies. Additionally, Crossover provides a platform where these companies can communicate with their new employees.

Which Pre-Employment Assessment Does Crossover Issue?

Landing a job through Crossover will require jumping through a few hoops, purely to assure that you are a good fit for the position you are applying to. One such obstacle you will face is the CCAT exam.

The CCAT, or Criteria Cognitive Assessment Test, is a generalized cognitive abilities test that will utilize verbal, mathematical, abstract, and logical reasoning questions to determine your ability to learn and excel at new activities.

The test contains 50 questions that must be answered within 15 minutes. You are scored on the correct answers you receive out of 50, and the passing score will be determined based on the position for which you apply.

The CCAT is issued on a computer and is likely to be proctored, which means you will be watched to ensure there is no cheating. You will not be allowed to use a calculator, nor will you be permitted to retake the test. Crossover will only accept your first score on the CCAT, so you want to prepare yourself and make your score count!

How Do I Prepare for the CCAT?

You likely won’t know what score you need to be approved for a position, but most companies agree that a 42/50 is an amazing score that is good enough for any position. So, your best bet is to practice from the best materials and get the highest score you can. Here are a few ways you can prepare for the CCAT:

  • Take a Practice Test to See Where You Struggle: At JobAssessmentHelp, our CCAT practice materials come with accurate tests that will give you a real idea of where you need to improve.
  • Study Up on Problem Areas: Once you have learned where you are struggling, you can use our study materials and additional practice questions to improve your knowledge.
  • Utilize Varied  Practice Tests to Ensure Accuracy: Our multiple practice tests means you won’t accidentally memorize a tests specific answers, as that would give you a false reading of your improvement and skills.
  • Only Use Materials from a Reputable Provider: JobAssessmentHelp can offer you practice materials that are expertly crafted and truly capable of improving your CCAT scoring ability.
  • Understand How the Test Is Scored: The CCAT is scored based on the number of questions you have correct, not how many you miss. So, it is a good idea to skip problem questions and focus on the questions which you can confidently answer.

Start practicing today and improve your performance on the real tests.