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Our Bundle Practice Pack covers the common tests and traits you are going to face in ANRA Test. The pack includes:
  • Basic Math
  • Numerical Reasoning & Series
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Situational Judgment Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Error Checking Tests
  • Memory Tests
Tests: 149 Questions: +2100

How to Pass the Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal?

Pre-employment testing becomes more and more popular as the competitiveness of the job market increases. Consider that it is easier than ever to find job listings, and employers are left with hundreds or even thousands of job applications to sift through.

So, what is the best way for them to ensure they only spend their time interviewing those with potential? The answer is: advanced aptitude testing with exams like the ANRA.

What is The Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal Test?

The ANRA, or Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal, is an intense evaluation created by Pearson Assessment Limited, a Pearson Education subsidiary. Pearson is well-known for crafting exams that are able to weed out any unqualified individuals.

Their ANRA test is no exception.

This pre-employment evaluation Is intended for executives, high-end professionals, and well-educated individuals seeking top tier employment. Because of this, the exam is considered fairly difficult. After all, it was authored by the director of the Psychometric Centre at the University of Cambridge.

What Will I Find on the ANRA Test?

The NRA is comprised of two sections

  • comparison of quantities
  • sufficiency of information

Comparison of Quantities

Similar to the quantitative sections of the GRE, this portion of the exam is filled with multiple choice questions that ask you to perform the task of evaluating quantities.

Information will be provided for you to analyze and you will need to select which option is greater in quantity .

That may seem like a simple task, but the questions are set up in a way to be easily miscalculated by those with a lack of skill in quantitative comparison.  

Here is an example of a question you may see on the comparison of quantities portion of the ANRA :

Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal Test Example Questions

Instructions: Choose which selection (A or B) shows a greater quantity. If the quantities are equal, choose E. If there is insufficient information, choose I.

Question: A carnival is selling adult tickets for 10 USD a piece. A child ticket is only 8 USD.

A: The cost of 300 tickets of which 115 were child tickets and 185 were adult tickets.
B: The cost of 232 tickets of which 200 were adult tickets and 32 were child tickets.

Sufficiency of Information

This portion of the ANRA forces the user to use their skills of reasoning and reading comprehension to sift through information and determine if they have been provided enough details to find answers to problems .

Some questions will allow you to use information provided in all statements and portions of the reading. However, others will specifically tell you to only rely on the information from one section of the writing.

This fluctuation in instructions makes the sufficiency of information portion of the ANRA even more difficult.

How Long Does the Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal Take?

Unlike many other pre-employment evaluations, the ANRA does not have a fixed time limit. This is because the test isn’t meant to determine quick thinking  or situational reactiveness, but instead an overall ability to use reasoning and critical thinking.

For this reason, test takers are given as much time as they need to complete the exam. Typically, the test takes about 45 minutes to complete.

How is the Advanced Numerical Reasoning Appraisal Scored

As is standard for Pearson exams, the scoring for the ANRA can be personalized for the company issuing the exam. You may receive a raw score of the percentage out of 100, or the employer may request a more specific scoring system.

What is true of all scoring options is that you are scored on both sections individually, then those scores can be combined for an overall score.  This overall score is compared to a group of “norms.“ the normative groups all correlate to individual fields and career types so the employer can compare your score to the scores of average to advanced professionals.

This in-depth scoring system is one of the reasons it is so important to prepare for your exam .

How to Prepare for the ANRA?

At this point the ANRA may sound extremely intimidating but rest assured that thorough studying and practice is all it takes to do well. The trick is choosing a study guide and material that can actually teach you what you need to know .

At JobAssessmentHelp, we have put together a thorough study bundle for the ANRA exam. This includes tests, questions, and expertly written curriculum.

If you’re ready to prepare for your exam, check out JobAssessmentHelp today .