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The Mechanical Reasoning Practice Pack covers the common tests you are going to face in Amazon’s Maintenance Technician Ramsay Test.
The pack includes practice materials for the following sections:

  • Force and Moment
  • Cogwheels, Wheels, Pulleys and Levers
  • Fluids
  • Velocity
  • Quantitative
  • Electricity
  • Acoustics & Optics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Tools

Tests: 14 Questions: 142

A Quick Guide for The Amazon Maintenance Technician Ramsay Test

Amazon is popular for their warehouse and delivery positions, but the company also provides thousands of jobs to those in the maintenance field.

The maintenance technician positions at Amazon are highly coveted, which makes the application and hiring process tough to survive. If you manage to make it to the pre-employment testing phase, you will need to be sure that you can not only achieve a qualifying score, but do so better than the other applicants.

If you are applying to a maintenance technician position at Amazon, check out this guide to gain a better understanding of how to successfully move on to the next phase of hiring.

Perks to Working as an Amazon Maintenance Technician

There are thousands of positions available at Amazon, so why would someone choose to work as a maintenance technician. While you will definitely get the satisfaction of working a trade position and utilizing your specialized skills, you may also enjoy these additional perks of working at Amazon:

  • Access to Amazon’s Benefits Package
  • Clear Sense of Purpose
  • Great Work Life Balance
  • Ability to Learn and Grow
  • Opportunities for Advancement
  • Paid Vacation and Holiday
  • Paid Overtime
  • Above Average Pay at Entry Level

What is the Maintenance Technician Ramsay Test?

The test given to maintenance technicians applying at Amazon is actually called the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test.

Each year, this test is given to thousands of applicants to different companies around the world. That is because it is considered a gold standard of pre-employment testing for those who will be working around, with, and directly on complex machinery.

The test covers topics ranging from basic physics and gears all the way to fluid dynamics. This variation in testing questions makes proper studying vital to a passing score!

The test is multiple choice and contains 36 questions that must be answered in 20 minutes.

The questions will all be accompanied by an image to help depict the problem, and there are only 3 answer choices, which greatly improves your odds of guessing a correct answer.

The test’s purpose is not to determine if you are already highly knowledgeable in mechanics, but to determine your ability to continue learning and understanding mechanical skills. Those who are likely to succeed in mechanics will naturally score higher. However, proper studying can help anyone achieve a passing score on the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test! 

Why does Amazon require the Ramsay Test?

Training and hiring is an expensive process. Amazon does not want to hire technicians without the underlying skills necessary to succeed in the position because they will likely end up having to fire them, hire a new worker, and pay for additional training.

This has led them to using the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test to weed out certain applicants.

Scoring Standards for the Amazon Maintenance Technician Ramsay Test

The scoring of a Ramsay MAT is a multistep process.

The Ramsay corporation has already assessed thousands that actively work in many fields and know the raw score necessary to be considered “qualified” for the position to which you’ve applied.

When you are first scored, you will simply be marked as “qualified” or “unqualified.”

All qualified tests are forwarded to Amazon while those who did not qualify are removed from the hiring pool.

The hiring manager for this role will have a set standard for which of the qualified applicants they want to look at. They may say that they only want to see the top 25% of qualified test takers, and the bottom 75%, though technically qualified, will be removed from the hiring pool.

Let’s break those two steps down to make them easier to understand:

First, you will have a raw score which is the number of questions you got correct out of the 30 total questions. Let’s say you are testing for the Maintenance Technician position and scored 22 out of 30.

Now, let’s look at the qualifying score chart:

GroupQualifying Score
Maintenance Technician20/30
Maintenance Supervisor25/30
Lead Technician28/30
Technician Trainer30/30

Based on this chart, your score makes you “qualified” for the position.

Next, let’s look at all the “qualified” test scores from you and other applicants:

Tester A30/30
Tester B30/30
Tester C29/30
Tester D27/30
Tester E24/30
Tester F24/30
Tester G20/30

If the hiring manager decides to take only the top 50% of qualified test takers from your group, you would not make the cut and would be removed from the hiring process.

This method of scoring makes it even more important to practice for the exam, since a “qualified” score does not mean you will move forward with an interview.

Amazon Maintenance Technician Ramsay Test Quick Facts

  • The Amazon’s maintenance test is the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test
  • The test is multiple choice and contains reference images
  • There is a 20-minute time limit
  • You will have to wait 6-months to retake the test if you fail.
  • A “passing” score does not mean you will get an interview.
  • The questions cover both basic mechanics and complex concepts of physics.
  • You can easily prepare for the test with practice bundles by JobAssessmentHelp.

How to Prep for the Amazon Maintenance Technician Ramsay Test

JobAssessmentHelp has all the practice materials you will ever need for any Amazon pre-employment assessment. Even if you are taking the Ramsay MAT for the first time, the practice tests and study materials in our packs can help you achieve the score you need to land that next interview.

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