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The Wonderlic Test Practice Pack includes:
  • 5 Full Length Simulation Wonderlic Style Timed Tests
  • 5 Shorter Simulation Wonderlic Style Timed Tests
  • Basic Math, Numerical Reasoning & Series Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Logical Reasoning Tests (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Error Checking Tests
  • Personality Tests – Bonus!!!
Tests: 78 Questions: +1290

The Wonderlic is a very common cognitive ability test designed to assess your personality and aptitude ability.

The Wonderlic Test, also known as Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test or Wonderlic Personnel Test includes 50 questions to be solved in 12 minutes. That can be very stressful and affect your score. Therefore, only 5% of the test takers finish the test fully.
By practicing, you increase your chances of passing the Wonderlic Test.
Get our preparation pack, go over the study guides, and start practicing our tests to improve your chances of getting the job.


  • For optimal results, we recommend that you review all of our study guides, solve all the tests, and go over our detailed answers.
  • The more you practice, your chances to be familiar with the question types will be higher, your solving time will drop, and your success rate will rise. This will give you an advantage over the other candidates and improve your chances to get hired.


Good luck on your assessments!