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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), created after the popular unfortunate September 11, 2001 terrorism incidence, which cost thousands of lives and properties is aimed at further protecting individuals from terror while using the transportation systems.

The TSA is a highly respectable and beneficial job. Therefore, the tests involved in recruiting workers in the industry are arduous ones which you must pass successfully one after the other in your quest for progress to becoming an inspector, security officer, air marshal or manager.

 The hiring processes include:

  • Computer-based test
  • TSA color vision test
  • Personal Interview
  • Drug screening
  • Medical evaluation
  • Proper background investigation

In other to pass these tests successfully, we provide you with guidelines on what to do and how to prepare for them below.

TSA Computer Based Test

This particular test consists of two methods, namely:

  • The X-ray test
  • English writing proficiency test.

The TSA X-ray Test

This involves screening on how well you can be able to quickly and effectively spot suspicious objects through an X-ray image. Images of luggage that has already passed through screening will be presented to you.

You will be instructed to review the image as well as you can and identify items that include guns, electronics, bottles, drugs metal, or shoes. If there is no such item on the image, you will indicate with the button as stated in the instruction section. Failure to get it right or before your time runs out would lead to reduction of points while the right answer will gain you points.

It is also advisable to make an intellectual guess if you didn’t figure out what was required of you for there is a 50-50 chance of you getting the answer right.

English Writing Test

This process involves testing your knowledge about the English language to a professional level. It is advisable to speak English fluently, be able to understand, and put down a constructive English statement or sentence for you to be successful in this category of the hiring process.

This method of test is broken down into three sections, namely:-

Reading Comprehension Test

Your reading skills and ability to understand English proficiently is tested on this part. Brief and well prepared English language comprehensions will be presented to you and advanced or a bit complicated questions asked below it and to be judged by the comprehension you read.

It is expected of you to read and understand the comprehension very well to be able to answer the questions correctly.

Written Communication Test

In this part, your ability to put a sentence right or in the best way is tested. The correct use of punctuations and logical representations is also required.

For example, you will be provided with different statements and required to select the option which best represents a correct English sentence or grammar.

Vocabulary Test: This part tests your vocabulary skills in spotting words spelled correctly or incorrectly and your ability to understand detect two words with the same meaning or with opposite meanings.

Example of such TSA question includes:

Select the antonym of the word difficult.
A. Pattern
B. Easy
C. Contempt 
D. Direct
The correct answer is B.

TSA Colour Vision Test

In this part, it is necessary that the administration make certain of your colour detection tendencies. A colour vision deficiency test is run using a machine that strictly tests the eyes to ensure that a potential TSA officer is able to distinguish colours to meet the required conditions.

Personal Interview

This is a very important part of the test processes. It is organized to find out if your personality, aspirations, and disposition fits into the job you seek recruit for.  It is advised to dress well enough, comport yourself well enough and be extremely confident while taking on this interview. Sincerity is also highly advised for any detection of insincerity and insecurity will lead to loss of points.

Questions like “Why should we hire you?” and “Your security experience” are demanded and you will need to be very much prepared for them.

Drug Screening

In any sane organization and not to mention one looking out for the safety of its people, drug testing of workers and work seekers is highly considered. Make sure you are not a drug abuser or into the usage of illegal substances for you will be tested to make sure your addiction or the adverse effects of those substances does not jeopardize the TSA job and put lives at risk. Any detection of illegal substances would most likely lead to a failure of the test process.

Medical Evaluation

This part enables the administration to assess the candidate’s body, his or her ability to perform without problems on the physical and medical conditions as stated and presented by the candidate.

This is a very strict and essential mode of testing and requires you the applicant to consult your medical doctors or attendants on your health issue or statement before submitting for medical evaluation by the TSA.  It is recommended that an applicant review the listed guidelines prior to taking the medical assessment.

If the case of disqualifying a participant, reasons will be provided by the TSA and the applicant is free to appeal the disqualification by notifying the evaluating physician and issuing the necessary documentation to support the appeal. The candidate will be selected once again for future hiring tests if the appealing is considered legitimate.

Proper Background Investigation

This involves getting knowledge of your background, most likely starting from your origin to your credit checks and criminal records. It is very important that you keep a clean record in every factor of your standard of living. Such evaluation helps the administration know who exactly they are hiring to avoid complications in the system.

How the Test Is Scored 

In the CBT test, you are scored based on the correct answers you provide. It is highly advised that you answer all questions provided there is no punishment for wrong answers. Answering all questions, sure or not leaves you with a 50-50 chance of success.

Why It Is Essential to Prepare in Advance for the Test

Tests like the X-ray in CBT is recognized as the most difficult task in the hiring process and therefore should be paid more attention to while preparing one’s self for the tests.

The participants that successfully completed the hiring processes are grouped into three:

  1. Best Qualified— this involves candidates who received a supreme level of recognition after completing the hiring processes. The highly beneficial part of this category is that they get the opportunity to choose the position they want.
  2. Highly Qualified— in this group is found participants who showed satisfactory signs while taking on their tests.
  3. Qualified— those that fall into this category met the minimum qualifications of the hiring processes.

To be grouped into the “best qualified” category, proper study and thorough preparation is advised.

How to Prepare for TSA Test

As it is with every examination, deep study and practice are needed for success. In preparing for the tests, you will need a well prepared guide that contains what you are to expect and how to tackle them effectively and constructively.

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