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The SJT Practice Pack covers the common tests you are going to face in the SJT job assessment. Our pack includes SJT practice materials for all positions and tailor made practice tests for candidates for management, administration, interpersonal, supervisor, customer service, call center, and sales positions.
The pack includes:

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Prepping for the SHL Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgment Tests (SJT) are similar to personality exams, but have a much larger focus on your reactive behavior than your underlying personality traits. The SJT provided by SHL is one of the most commonly used options in the pre-employment testing world. This is because the test is created in a way that makes the results applicable to many different specific careers.

If you are worried about passing your SHL Situational Judgement Test, read on for study tips and a breakdown of what you can expect from the exam.

What Can I Expect from the SHL Situational Judgement Test?

The SHL Situational Judgement Test will contain 30-50 scenarios from which you must answer a question regarding how you would respond to that scenario or how the scenario relates to you and your preferences.

The test is often issued very early in the hiring/screening process as it can easily remove from the hiring pool candidates who do not have the necessary temperament or reactionary behavior to succeed in a given role.

Are Situational Judgment Tests the Same as Personality Tests/ Profiles?

Personality tests often fall under the same testing umbrella as situational judgement tests, but they are not the same.

A personality test will question you on a multitude of scenarios and hypothetical problems to get an overarching look at your core personality. These personality traits translate into useful skills or things that will hinder your success in a specific industry.

For example, you may be found to be introverted, which isn’t great for customer service roles. However, you may also be found to be assertive and empathetic, which are two very important traits for customer service roles.

These traits can be weighed against one another to determine your success potential for a role.

Situational Judgment Tests are far more specific and look at your reactive behavior in a situation. The test involves showing you hypothetical scenarios related to your position and seeing how you perceive those situations and react to them.

Why Do Companies Care About Situational Judgement Test Scores?

Your results on a Situational Judgement Test can show a hiring manager how you are likely to react in many workplace situations. This is important to them because it helps them remove certain levels of liability in the hiring process.

No company wants to hire a worker they think will pick fights with coworkers, get angry at customers, and think it’s okay to steal office supplies.

These are all negative traits that can be spotted through the scoring of a situational judgement test.

How is the SHL Situational Judgement Test Scored?

Like other SHL tests, the Situational Judgement Test is scored by comparing your answers to a control group of others in your sought job position. This means you don’t pass or fail based on your answers alone.

You only fail if your answers do not compare well against others in your industry. 

If I fail a Situational Judgement Test, Does That Mean I am a Bad Worker?

Not at all. It simply means that your answers do not reflect the specific behavior portfolio that the employer is seeking for that specific position.

Unfortunately, if you are not picked for a role based on your performance on the SJT, you won’t be offered the opportunity to retake the exam. It is a one and done kind of deal.

Luckily, you can utilize prep materials to practice answering questions in a way that will work for the company of your dreams.

Prepping for the SHL Situational Judgement Test

If you want to ensure you show off your best side during the SHL Situational Judgement Test, you need to practice using the in-depth materials provided by

The SHL prep materials can help you tinker with your answers and approach to the SJT until you are exemplifying all the traits your employer is looking for. 

Ready to start? Head over to the SHL prep pack at JobAssessmentHelp!