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The Numerical Reasoning Practice Pack covers the common tests you are going to face in the Math job assessment.
The pack includes:

  • Basic Mathematics (Bonus)
  • Word Problems
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Numerical Critical Reasoning
  • Numerical Series (Bonus)

Tests: 33 Questions: 452

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test Quick Guide

SHL (Saville & Holdsworth Ltd.) is a leading company in the provision of pre-employment evaluations and assessments.

Among their many test options is the numerical reasoning test. This exam focuses on the test takers ability to read numerical data in charts and graphs and use that data to solve problems. These problems may be straightforward or may require inference and complex logic to solve.

What Can I Expect from a Numerical Reasoning Test?

The SHL Numerical Reasoning Test will have questions and goals that are sometimes specifically themed for the job to which you’ve applied. The questions are all multiple choice and are based on graphs, charts, spreadsheets, and other visual depiction of mathematical data.

The test is timed, which makes practicing absolutely crucial.

If you struggle with reading numbers and charts, you may spend too much time per question which can be detrimental to your final score.

Though you will be dealing with numbers on the Numerical Reasoning Test, you won’t be tasked with performing complex algebraic functions.

You may be required to add, subtract, multiply or divide, but that should be that max level for mathematical complexity.

The test is more focused on your ability to differentiate data sets and follow directions to ascertain appropriate calculations.

How is the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test Scored?

The SHL Numerical Reasoning Test is scored using a comparative model. What this means is that you won’t get a stand alone, pass or fail score. Instead, your results are directly compared to other candidates who’ve taken the test to see how you stand up to others’ performance.

An important detail about the scoring of this test is that wrong answers and incomplete answers are weighed exactly the same. What this means is that an unanswered question is considered “wrong” by default.

So, you are always better off answering a question than leaving it blank, even if you aren’t sure you’ve got the right answer.

This is especially important as your timer counts down toward zero. If you only have a few seconds left on the clock, you are better off guessing on your remaining questions than just leaving them unanswered.

The better method, of course, is to properly prepare for your exam so you can conserve your time and be able to confidently answer all the questions.

SHL Numerical Reasoning Test FAQs

Can I Retake the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test if I Fail?

The SHL Numerical Reasoning Test isn’t graded on a pass/fail basis. Instead, your final score is simply compared to the score of other candidates who’ve taken the exam. For that reason, it is highly unlikely you will be allowed to retake the test to attempt to improve your score.

If you need to reschedule your test due to an emergency situation, you may be able to do so at the discretion of the hiring manager and/or the test provider at your potential place of employment.

Should I Skip The Questions I Don’t Know The Answer to?

The SHL considers wrong answers and blank answers to be of equal value. So, it is in your best interest to attempt to answer all questions, even if you answer incorrectly.

Can I use a Calculator on the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

It’s possible! Unlike other pre-employment exams, SHL does not prohibit the use of a calculator on their math-based tests. Though your specific exam giver may have their own rules regarding test aids, the general rule is that you will be permitted use of a basic calculator.

Can I Use Scrap Paper on the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

Yes! All SHL tests that require mathematical computing, and even some that do not, are issued with the understanding that you will be allowed the use of scrap paper and pencil.

How Many Questions are on the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

The SHL Numerical Reasoning Test contains 18 questions that must be answered in 17-25 minutes.

Do I Need College-Level Math Education to Pass the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

No. The math skills required for this exam do not extend beyond multiplication and division. The test focuses on your ability to perceive and understand numbers and charts more than your ability to solve math problems.

Should I Study for the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test?

Yes! The best way to properly prepare for your exam is through the use of study aids and practice tests offered by JobAssessmentHelp.

How to Best Prepare for the SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

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