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Our Bundle Practice Pack covers the common tests and traits you are going to face in PeopleAnswers Test. The pack includes:

  • Basic Math
  • Numerical Reasoning & Series
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Situational Judgment Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Error Checking Tests
  • Memory Tests

Tests: 149 Questions: +2100

2020 Guide to the PeopleAnswers Test

If you have ever taken a pre-employment evaluation, there is a high chance you have experience with the PeopleAnswers test. The exam is created by Infor inc. – a software company that specializes in creating tools for companies to improve their hiring process.

What is interesting about the PeopleAnswers exam is that is isn’t graded like most other hiring evaluations. The test is not pass/fail, but rather a way for hiring managers to gather information about preferences, skills, personality, and potential.

Why Does a Company Care About My Preferences and Personality?

Simple: multiple studies over the last decade have repeatedly shown that a good candidate for a position needs more than the knowledge and intellectual aptitude for the position. If the employee doesn’t have the proper temperament and attitude, they are unable to cope with the demands of a position.

Which Companies Use the PeopleAnswers Evaluation?

The complex and accurate results provided by this test are so effective that huge companies have utilized it. Companies like:

  • Hertz
  • Audi
  • Foot Locker
  • Gold’s Gym
  • Walgreen’s
  • Inova Health Systems
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • Many More

What Does the PeopleAnswers Test Look Like?

PeopleAnswers is an online assessment that has two parts.

  1. The Cognitive Ability Assessment
  2. The Personality Test

Which section of the test you will complete is completely dependent on the request of the hiring company. Most companies use both tests, while some choose to utilize one of the other in conjunction with other pre-employment evaluations.

Cognitive Ability Section

The cognitive ability portion of the PeopleAnswers exam consists of 60 questions and the test taker is given a strict 10-minute time limit.

The questions cover topics from the three main forms of psychometric testing: verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, non-verbal reasoning.

Verbal reasoning questions consists of written passages and associated questions. The examinee will read the passage and utilize the given information to solve logic questions.

Verbal Reasoning Sample:

Mark is taller than Robby. Robby is shorter than Jacob. John is the shortest in the group.

If the above statements are true, who is the second tallest boy in the group?

A. Mark
B. Robby
C. John
D. Jacob

Numerical reasoning questions also gauge the examinee’s ability to logically solve problems with provided information, but the information is given in the form of charts and graphs. Some numerical reasoning questions may involve the use of basic math formulas as well.

Numerical Reasoning Sample:

Use the pie chart to answer the question.

If the total number of pets own by the students in Ms. Jones class equals 18, approximately how many birds are represented on this chart?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 8
D. 1

Non-verbal reasoning is a way of assessing a candidate’s ability to solve problems through the use of visual clues and logical inference. This may mean solving incomplete patterns or finding the relationship between a series of items.

Personality Assessment

Unlike the cognitive ability section of the PeopleAnswers test, the personality assessment is not timed. This is so candidates can take the time to accurately fill in the test with the most appropriate answers.

There are 230 questions that cover the topic of workplace behavior and require the test taker to evaluate themself regarding their ability to lead, complete tasks, obey rules, and more. The questions will have a range of responses between “strongly agree” and “strongly disagree.”

The examinee will rate themselves for each question on that scale to express their opinion of their abilities.

Some examples of prompts for self-ratings are:

  • Stealing company property is always wrong.
  • My past supervisors would call me a team player.
  • I get along with everyone.
  • I wear my emotions on my sleeve.

How are my Answers Evaluated?

As we mentioned, the PeoplesAnswers test isn’t graded like a standard pre-employment evaluation. Instead, your answers all work to build a profile of who you are as a worker and potential addition to a company.

This profile is compared with a standard profile that represents the ideal candidate for a position. The comparison profile is filled with 39 key personality attributes that are needed for success in that particular role.

Tips for Doing Well on the PeopleAnswers Exam

There is no replacement for study and practicing pre-employment exams. Using the studying materials available at JobAssessmentHelp is the best way to ensure your test profile lands you an interview.

Here are a few more tips for your test:

  • Answer Questions Consistently: the test is made to recognize inconsistency in the personality evaluation. If you answer similar questions with wildly different answer, it will look bad on your final results.
  • Remember the Questions You Struggled With: The PeopleAnswers test has a feature that generates interview questions for the employer based on the questions you answered questionable on the exam. If you prepare yourself to answer these questions before your interview, you have a better chance of wowing the hiring manager.
  • Consider the Work Environment: While a customer-facing role at a restaurant or retail store may focus more on a candidate’s level of friendliness and patience, other roles may require a worker that has a tougher exterior.
  • Practice Practice Practice: There is no better way to ensure you pass your PeopleAnswers evaluation than by studying the test thoroughly and with appropriate materials.

How to Study for the PeopleAnswers Evaluation

This exam is unlike most pre-employment evaluations in use. The scoring system alone is enough to scare a potential candidate. Luckily, JobAssessmentHelp has the materials, tests, and study questions you need to succeed.

Whether you need help preparing for the cognitive abilities exam or want to take a closer look at the personality test, we have everything you need. Our practice tests are expertly crafted to provide the most accurate and effective experience.

If you want to get your final profile as close to the target goal as you can, check out JobAssessmentHelp today.