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The Bundle Practice covers the common tests you will probably face in Pennsylvania’s civil service exams.
The Pack includes:
  • Basic Math
  • Numerical Reasoning & Series
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Situational Judgement Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Spatial Reasoning Tests
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Error Checking Tests
  • Memory Tests
  • Grid Challenge & Switch Challenge
Tests: 148 Questions: +2000
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Pennsylvania State is home to a large variety of job positions. With competitive pay, great benefits, and a vast selection of jobs to choose from, the job industry can be quite competitive.

There are over 80,000 employees within the civil service sector of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The most common job positions include the following:

  • Clerk Typists
  • Criminal Justice Officers
  • Police Officers
  • Accountants
  • Auditors and Examiners
  • Firefighters
  • Clerics and Secretaries
  • Legal and Administrative Assistants

Job Application Process

Before you can work for the State of Pennsylvania, you must complete a series of steps:

Create an Account Make an account on the PA State Civil Service Commissions website to access the job applications section.

Search for the Job There will be two listing sections in the search engine: one for vacant positions, and the other for examinations. When you find the correct job, scroll down to the job description to find the requirements and possible exams you may have to take.

Select the Desired Location After selecting the job, you will be asked to choose which location you’d like to work in before being directed to the rest of the application.

Apply to the Exam To apply to job vacancies, you must first fill out and pass the exam. You can find the exam application through the same location as the job search, under “Civil Service Written/Online Exam for Future Vacancies.”

Schedule the Exam Once you have completed the application steps above, you will receive an email with information on scheduling the exams.

Take the Exam Now it is time to take the exam. Exams are either in-person or online. If your exam is in person, remember to select a nearby location to take the test.

Apply to the Job If your scores are high enough, you can then apply to the position you want. Be sure to have your resume ready and up-to-date before submitting your application.

Wait to Hear Back After submitting your application, it is placed into a pool with other prospective employees, where positions are filled based on test scores. How you score on the test is key to landing the job, so you will want to score above and beyond your competitors in order to be selected from this pool of applicants.

What is the Pennsylvania Civil Service Exam?

The Pennsylvania Civil Service Exam is for those interested in working for the local, state, or federal levels within PA. This exam is a series of examination questions designed to screen job applicants and determine whether or not they are qualified for the position.

There is no standard exam within Pennsylvania State. The number and types of exams you might encounter vary depending on the position in which you are applying.

Due to this, there are many types of examinations that may appear in the civil service tests. Below are a few of the most common types of exam questions.

Written Exams These exams assess one’s ability to comprehend and analyze written material.

Typing Exams The amount of words per minute that one can type are tested in this section.

Oral and Essay Exams These exams test one’s critical thinking skills and often require you to present your response in front of a panel.

Multiple-Choice Exams This popular examination style allows for computers to quickly score your answers by providing you with a limited number of answers from which to choose. These questions are largely dependent on the job type.

Experience and Performance Exams This exam type usually asks for your past experience within the field to determine how well you will perform at the job. Sometimes, these exams are only offered to those who score highly on the aforementioned exams.

Exams for Leading Roles in the Civil Service Field

Now that you’re familiar with the steps and process for applying to a civil service job in PA, it’s time to look at the exams. The following sections provide prospective 2020 PA Civil Service applicants with information on leading roles within the PA civil job field.

Pennsylvania Clerk Typist Civil Service Exam

Clerk typists are required to create documents, file paperwork, and provide information to the greater public. For this reason, you must be able to pass a typing and multiple-choice exam. 40% of the exam will be a typing assessment, while 60% is multiple-choice.

You must be able to type 40wpm in order to pass the typing section. This section is 5 minutes in total, and you have two attempts to pass it. The multiple-choice section involves knowledge of office procedures, data processing, and grammar. This section is 2.5 hours long.

If you do not pass either section, then you will have to wait 6 months to retake those parts.

National Criminal Justice Officer Selection Inventory Exam

The NCJOSI exam is an assessment designed to screen prospective criminal justice officers. The timed exam is 90 minutes and is divided into two parts.

Part 1 is a 45-question cognitive portion that tests for math, problem-solving, reading comprehension, and writing skills. Part 2 is a 42-question personality and attributes portion that gauges one’s characteristics. You will want to familiarize yourself with the types of roles involved in the criminal justice field to prepare for these sections.

Pennsylvania Accountants, Auditors & Examiners Civil Service Exam

To be an accountant, auditor, or examiner in PA, you must score highly on the Civil Service Exam. This exam tests your knowledge of basic mathematics pertaining to accounting, such as accounting principles, common practices, and financial comprehension.

In order to succeed at taking the test, you will need to have strong written comprehension and expression skills, as well as strong reconciliation skills.

Firefighter Exam

The Firefighter Exam measures your skills as a potential firefighter. This test usually involves a written and a physical abilities test. For the written section, your aptitude levels for reading, math, grammar, and memory/spatial orientation are tested.

After passing the written part, you may be asked to complete a physical section that simulates on-the-job scenarios.

Pennsylvania Advanced Clerical & Secretarial Exam

Applicants for advanced clerical and secretarial positions within PA must pass an advanced exam. Office skills, data management, and attention to detail are major skills within this field. The exam has 9 parts to test your aptitude in these areas:

  • Office Procedures/Practices
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation/Capitalization
  • Grammar
  • Proofreading
  • Arithmetic Computation
  • Office Management/Planning
  • Data Processing
  • Supervision

Pennsylvania Legal & Administrative Assistant Exam

To become a legal and administrative assistant in PA, you will need to an exam. This 2-part test includes multiple-choice questions and performance-based sections. Common questions will involve office skills, accounting, reading comprehension, correspondence, and judgement/problem-solving.

Prepare for Your Test

When it comes to taking tests, it can be a stressful process. That’s why it is important to practice ahead of time to prepare for success. From Pennsylvania Clerk Typist Civil Service Exam Prep to NCJOSI Practice Tests, you can find everything you need to become a civil servant in the great state of Pennsylvania right here.

JobAssessmentHelp has test preparation material and guides to help you prepare for a variety of Pennsylvania Civil Service Exams and score high marks. Get started today to prepare for your upcoming exams.