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Our Bundle Practice Pack covers the common tests you are going to face in the Geico assessment.
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The Government Employees Insurance Company, known as GEICO, is a national auto insurance company based in Maryland, United States. It was founded in 1936, and today is one of the leading brands in the industry.

As of 2019, GEICO insures over 28 million vehicles across the country and employs 40K+ associates. The company offers a wide range of career opportunities ranging from sales, customer services, and claims to IT, legal and marketing.

GEICO’s Recruitment Process

GEICO is continually looking for candidates to join their team. The process is very straightforward, and there is a lot of information available on its official website. Below we summarize the process based on the experience of previous applicants.

The Application Process

If you are interested in pursuing a career with GEICO, the first thing you should know is that the company only accepts online applications. If you do not have access to a computer, the company offers in-person applications at various HR locations.

 Visit the site and look for available positions through their careers’ page. Once you have selected the post you wish to apply to, you will need to click on it. As a new window appears, it will display the requirements, qualifications, and other instructions.

To apply, you will need to create a username and password on their portal, as well as provide the following information:

  • A valid e-mail address.
  • Phone number and address.
  • Your resume as Word .doc files or PDF.
  • All your previous work experience and educational background.
  • The desired salary for the job.
  • Referral information (if applicable).

Once you finish creating your profile, you will be required to answer a group of qualification questions and job specific questions. Also, you will need to fill out a ‘diversity survey.’

Keep in mind that you can only apply once (even if you are to be considered for different positions) and that, if your application is rejected, there is a six-month waiting period before you can re-apply.

Overall, GEICO’s response time is pretty fast. Depending on the position, you can expect an answer within 3-11 days after submitting your candidacy.

Online/Phone Interview

If you meet the requirements (for one or more positions), the recruitment team will contact you directly to set up a phone interview. This initial meeting is considerably short as it only takes 10-15 minutes. Do not stress; at this point, you should only expect general questions regarding the information you already submitted.

Keep in mind that when applying for a customer service job, the initial phone interview may also serve as a role-playing exercise to asses your qualifications for the position.

Furthermore, if you are applying for leadership, IT, or corporate positions, you will have to complete the standard phone screen, followed by a formal phone interview with a recruiter. This second meeting could last 30-60 minutes, and you should expect job-specific questions.

Depending on the job, candidates may need to participate in an additional round(s) of interviews via phone, video/virtual, or on-site.

GEICO Assessments

The GEICO assessment test portion is severe and very extensive. Thus, we strongly recommend you prepare for it. Please note that the assessment tests vary according to the position you solicited.

If you apply for a career in sales or customer service, the tests focus on your reading comprehension abilities, multi-tasking skills, computer proficiency, and your ability to follow instructions.

Usually, you will need to complete two on-site tests:

  • Computer Skills

It is generally administered in a nearby office as a group. The assignment is a standard computer testing skills’ test where you demonstrate your typing abilities and use of a PC.  — this portion lasts between 1-2 hours.

  • Simulation Exercise

You will also need to complete a simulation exercise. It requires you to listen to a call or respond to a fictional claim on the GEICO’s chat. You will have 60 seconds to answer each ‘customer’ the best way you see fit. Remember to read instructions carefully and follow the previously provided company guidelines.

If you are applying for a position in the claims or auto damage departments, assessments tend to focus on reading comprehension, spatial recognition, and abstract thinking. Here, recruiters will asses your ability to read a claim or policy, understand it, and answer accordingly.

Moreover, for almost all the leadership and corporate positions, candidates need to complete not only the reading comprehension and numerical skills tests but also a Caliper profile.

This type of examination resembles a personality test, where employers evaluate candidates’ traits, weaknesses, motivators, and strengths. The Caliper tests are multiple-choice exams with an average of 180 questions. Usually, they do not have a time limit.

In-person Interview

If you pass all the other phases of the recruitment process, candidates will have an in-person interview with a hiring manager. At this point, meetings are one-on-one and include job-specific questions such as:

  • Do you have Insurance related certifications or licenses?
  • How do you handle work-related stress?
  • How would you handle an angry customer?
  • Have you ever been a leader on a project or in a group?

Depending on the recruiter, it may take between 45 min to 1 hour to get through the entire interview. You can also expect similar questions to those asked by previous interviewers, or to be asked to discuss past work experiences or projects.

Finalizing the Process

Last but not least, successful candidates will need to pass a thorough screening process that includes (but might not be limited to):

  • Background checks
  • Drug screenings
  • Credit-score assessments

There you have it, the complete GEICO hiring process! Yes, it is a long, tedious, and extensive process that might take up to three months to complete, but we can assure you it is entirely worth it.