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Our Bundle Practice Pack covers the common tests you are going to face in the EDPT Test.
The pack includes:

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Logical Reasoning (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Situational Judgment Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Mechanical Reasoning

Tests: 149 Questions: +2100

What You Need to Know About the Electronic Data Processing Test (EDPT)

The Electronic Data Processing Test is a grueling exam that is issued as part of the Military Entrance Procession States (also known as MEPS). This exam is so complex and difficult that is only issued to two sectors of the US armed forces – the Marine Corps and the Air Force.

These military services have positions in which officers must utilize advanced knowledge regarding computer science, programming, and electronic data processing. The test uses a variety of knowledge points and advanced cognitive thinking tests to find the absolute best candidates for these positions.

Though the exact questions and testing procedure is kept under wraps, there is enough information on this test to help anyone facing it to study and properly prepare.

Electronic Data Processing Test Format and Subject Information

The EDPT is comprised of 128 questions that cover a range of four topics – Advanced Comparisons, Numeric Logic, Algebra (mathematical comprehension), and Concept of Analogies.

Advanced Comparisons

This section of the EDPT is filled with geometric patterns that the test-taker must evaluate in order to understand the relationship between each set of shapes. The answers to the problems will be a shape that fits into the final spot of the displayed pattern.

This section is often compared to other advanced cognitive tests, like the ASVAB, but is typically regarded as being much more difficult.  

Numeric Logic

Numeric logic also utilizes patterns and codes to create puzzles the test-taker must solve. However, these patterns are comprised entirely of numbers and number series. The answers will be offered as multiple-choice lists but reporting test takers say the relationships in the patterns are far more complex than in other exams.


The algebra section is not as straightforward as it sounds. The level of mathematical knowledge required isn’t too advanced but evaluating problems to determine the formulas or techniques necessary to solve the problem is incredibly tough. The section uses only word problems, and they are written in a way that requires a high level of comprehension skills as well as math skills.

Concept of Analogies

This section tests the ability to comprehend written language and utilize vocabulary skills to solve partial analogies. For example, you may be given a partial analogy like, “Birch are to Deciduous as Cedar are to [blank].”

You will then be shown a selection of possible answers from which to choose like, “dioecious, fragrant, monoecious, and deciduous.” The answer to this example question, is deciduous.

How the Electronic Data Processing Test is Scored

The scoring guidelines will vary depending on the company or government body issuing the exam. Some companies and positions require a middle of the road score (~50) while others require you score above a 70 before you are even considered for a position.

The Cyber Warfare sector of the Air Force, for example, requires a minimum score of 60 on the EDPT.

The test scores are out of 120, which is the total number of questions on the exam. The weight of a wrong question versus a skipped question are equal, so remember that is always best to try and answer every question, even if you are guessing on some.

Electronic Data Processing Test Quick Facts

  • There is a strict 90-minute time limit on the EDPT. This leaves approximately 45 seconds to answer each question on the test.
  • The test is entirely on paper, there are no digital options.
  • You will be issued scrap paper and a pencil, but you will not be allowed the use of a calculator.
  • The questions are all multiple choice, but there are 5 answers shown for each question instead of the traditional 4.
  • The score required to pass is different for every position but will likely be expressed to you before you take your exam.
  • If you fall ill before your test date, you will be allowed to reschedule your exam.

Can the Electronic Data Processing Test be Retaken?

If you fail to achieve the score you need on the EDPT, you will be forced to wait through a 6-month period before retaking the test. However, there are situations when a retake can be immediately authorized.

If a commanding officer (present during the exam) determines there were outside forces or distractions that degraded the testing environment, you may be able to retake the test without waiting for the 6-month period to pass.

Other Military Special Purpose Tests

The EDPT is not the only “special purpose” test issued alongside the ASVAB. Here are a few common options:

  • Air Force Officer Qualifying Test
  • Coding Speed Test (Navy Only)
  • Cyber Test (CT)
  • Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT)
  • Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB)
  • English Comprehension Level Test (ECLT)
  • Selective Instrument Flight Training Test (SIFT)
  • Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System (TAPAS)
  • Test of Basic Aviation Skills
  • Work Preference Assessment (WPA)