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2023 Guide to the Cubiks Tests

Cubiks is a talent assessment and acquisition company that helps companies by providing them with a wide variety of pre-employment assessments. These tests are digital in nature and give businesses a way to assess potential talent and easily identify internal talent. Cubiks’ dedication to creating these exams has led them to be one of the main test creators for companies large and small.

There are several different Cubiks tests that fit into three main categories – Logiks tests, Personality and Preferences Inventory, and Situational Judgements Tests.

Logiks tests cover multiple subjects and assess a candidate’s existing knowledge in a subject as well as their ability to learn and grow in that area. These tests require the use of logical thinking and understanding and utilizing context clues.

The Personality and Preferences Inventory is a questionnaire that reveals the natural behavior of the test taker.

Situational Judgment Tests are also based on behavior but utilize hypothetical scenarios to create a result that is specific to the career for which the applicant has applied.

Which of these tests you will take will depend on the position you are seeking and the requirements of that work force.

About Logiks Tests

Logiks tests are the most common Cubiks tests given to potential employees. They cover subjects ranging from verbal reasoning to numerical and abstract understanding.

While the tests are created in a way that is considered intuitive and straightforward, there is a certain level of logical thinking required for success in these exams.

There are two main versions of the general Logiks tests, advanced and intermediate.

The advanced Logiks test has three sections – verbal, numerical, and abstract. The verbal section contains 12 questions, the numerical has 8, and abstract has 10. The 30 total questions must be answered within 20 minutes.

The intermediate Logiks test is also split into three sections, but the time limit is split among the sections. First, 24 verbal reasoning questions must be answered in 4 minutes. The numerical reasoning section has 16 questions and must be completed in 4 minutes. The Abstract section has 10 questions and must be completed in 4 minutes.

The advanced test provides more time for fewer questions because the questions are far more advanced in nature than anything on the intermediate exam.

Logiks Verbal Reasoning Stand Alone Test

Another form of advanced testing by Cubiks is the Logiks stand alone tests. The Verbal Reasoning test is one of those and is a timed, 36 question exam. The test taker will have 25 minutes to complete the test.

Each question on the exam is based on an accompanying reading prompt that will cover a variety of topics. They may or may not relate to the job the test taker is seeking.

The questions will require the test taker to be able to properly comprehend the written prompt and use contextual thinking to identify details necessary to solve the questions.

While those with better reading skills have a speed advantage on this exam, there is no prior knowledge or experience necessary to succeed.

Logiks Numerical Reasoning Stand Alone Test

The Logiks Numerical Reasoning test focuses on a potential employee’s ability to read graphs and charts, identify relevant numerical data, and utilize that data to resolve related problems.

The test contains 20 questions and must be completed in 20 minutes.

Each question is multiple-choice and based on a graph, chart, spreadsheet, or other illustration. Each illustration is filled with both standard and numerical data. The test taker must be able to understand how this information relates and how to process this information as requested.

Logiks Abstract Reasoning Stand Alone Test

The Abstract Reasoning Test is similar to a spatial awareness test. It involves viewing abstract images and identifying patterns in order to complete a set.

This test contains 30 questions and must be completed in 15 minutes.

Each question is framed as a multiple choice, which means that strengthening your mental visualization skills can help enhance your score on the abstract reasoning exam.

These types of tests are important for showing how well the test taker can use visual information to fill in knowledge gaps and solve complex problems.

Personality and Preferences Inventory

The Cubiks PAPI (Personality and Preferences Inventory) is one of the most intense and advanced personality inventories for pre-employment assessment.

The PAPI comes in two varieties PAPI I and PAPI N.

The PAPI I has no time limit, but takes approximately 35 minutes to complete.

The PAPI I uses a three statement system where you are shown three personality descriptors and you will be tasked to rank them from the most like you and least like you.

The PAPI N also has no time limit, but is usually completed within 25 minutes.

This test uses a rating scale. You will be shown a single statement about your personality and be asked to choose a space on the scale that shows how like you the statement is.

While there are no immediately wrong or right answers, it is important to realize that there are wrong questions when you realize that each company is looking for a specific personality for their positions. So it is important to prepare to take the exam in a way that will make you look good to the hiring body.

Situational Judgment Tests

Cubiks Situational Judgment Tests don’t just assess your base personality, but instead how your personality influences the way you react to scenarios.

The test will display a partial scenario that may be faced in a position, then you will be asked to choose from multiple options of how to react to the scenario.

How to Prepare for Cubiks Tests

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