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Our Bundle Practice Pack covers the common tests and traits you are going to face in Caliper’s Personality Assessment.
The pack includes:
  • Personality Tests
  • Logical Reasoning (Inductive & Deductive)
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Situational Judgment Tests
  • Study Guides
Tests: 149 Questions: +2100

The CALIPER Assessment

Caliper assessment is a measure employers use to judge further the competence of candidates for a particular job position based on their personalities.

The Caliper test is only to test your personality. Whatever your responses are to the questions, you are not wrong, but instead, give your employer a view of your character. The test is to know how you judge issues based on your personality and to know your psychological contributions to the company if employed in the position. In other words, the test is not scored on a pass/fail standard; it takes 75 to 90 minutes to answer all the questions and is not timed.

This type of assessment has been around for over 50 years, and companies have been using it to wipe out averagely-qualified candidates.

To come out with a good Caliper assessment result, you need to adopt proper preparation, the devotion of time, and the use of adequate resources.

What Is The Format And Structure Of the Caliper Assessment?

The Caliper assessment consists of approximately 112 questions structured in five sections, including an Abstract Reasoning component.

Twenty-one traits have been identified to predict success in the work and also provides understanding into a person’s capability to participate in indicated work environment practices. The attributes are arranged into four Competency groups, which represents the Caliper’s method to examine personality. Those four groups are:

  • Leadership/Assertiveness
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Interpersonal/ Service Orientation
  • Personal Organization and Time Management.

Particular qualities are utilized to give bits of knowledge into how an individual is probably going to move toward territories that fall into that Competency Category. You can see below which qualities relate with every Competency Category as figure out how Caliper characterizes those attributes and what sorts of practices they can trigger.

Leadership/ Persuasiveness

  1. Calmness: The possibility to stay calm and to keep up a consistent temperament in ordinary circumstances. Individuals scoring high on this scale ought to be fit for staying cool-headed, while those with low scores are likely to react inwardly.
  2. Aggressiveness: Tendency to push compellingly. Individuals who have high scores on this scale will, in general, be powerful while guarding their thoughts or activities. People with low scores would be improbable to adopt a firm strategy.
  3. Ego-Drive: Level of satisfaction picked up from convincing others. People with a high score on this scale ought to be inspired to win others’ dedication. Individuals with low scores on this trait are far-fetched to put a lot of exertion into gaining agreement.
  4. Assertiveness: This trait is used to know an individual’s ability to pass information and proposal directly.
  5. Energy: This attribute is used to judge people’s potential to be active in the workplace.
  6. Resilience: This trait is used to find out individuals’ capacity to handle rejection and criticism.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  1. Idea Orientation: This attribute is used to measure individuals’ creativity to generate new means of resolving problems.
  2. Flexibility: Individuals are measured on this scale to ascertain their willingness to improve a method and to adjust to changing circumstances.
  3. Abstract Reasoning Ability: This trait is used to know how an individual is capable of understanding complex issues. Prospective to solve problems and understand how concepts are related logically.
  4. Openness: This trait is used to determine whether one is willing to accommodate others’ input or focused on their way of doing things.

Interpersonal/ Service Orientation

  1. Sociability: This character is used to identify individuals who are comfortable in meeting new people and starting conversations that could interfere with fulfilling position requirements.
  2. Accommodation: Individuals with the desire to help others are measured on this scale. This attribute is used to determine individuals who are likely to sacrifice job performance to satisfy others which may interfere with performing crucial functions
  3. Empathy: This attribute is used to know individuals who can understand other people and adjust accordingly.
  4. Skepticism: This trait is used to identify people who are likely to be careful and cautious of others’ intent. This type of character can impede performance in some positions, according to Caliper, based on their research.
  5. Gregariousness: This character is used to ascertain individuals’ ability to meet with new people and initiate conversations. It is used to identify people who may find it uneasy to take the initiative in social situations.

Personal Organization and Time Management.

  1. Carefulness: This trait is used to determine an individual who could be careful when deliberating choices and reckoning results or act without thinking things through.
  2. Self-Structure: This is used to identify individuals with the tendency to be motivated to ascertain their work method single-handedly.
  3. Rigorousness: This attribute is used to find out individuals’ tendency to be meticulous when dealing with detail-intensive tasks.
  4. Urgency: This trait is used to know people who are motivated to take quick action so as to achieve an instantaneous result.
  5. Risk-Taking: This character is used to know individuals’ tendency and willingness to explore new initiatives.
  6. External Structure: This attribute is used to determine individuals with the tendency to be receptive to a designed environment with regulations.

Is It Necessary To Prepare For The Caliper Assessment?

Just like any other exam, Caliper assessment requires adequate preparation. This is not only an exam you can pass with your past job experience but one that requires extra knowledge that your previous jobs might skip to earn you.

Why And When Do Employers Use Caliper Assessment?

There are a lot of candidates who would show an interest in significant job positions. A company may engage them in an interview to assess how qualified they are for that job position based on their personality trait, attitude to work, experience, etc. At the end of the interview, the company might come up with a lengthy list of qualified candidates for a job position and will need to screen the extensive list down to the number of employees they need for the post. Here, the best tool the company goes for is the Caliper assessment. This assessment is the best tool to judge your personality.

The Caliper assessment is also used for individual and team development, and even elevation planning; if you are an existing employee in an organization, your Caliper assessment result helps your employer know which team and position in the company are suitable for you.

Caliper Assessment Tips

Below are some helpful tips for acing your Caliper assessment. Sticking to these tips will guide your path to success:

  1. Be honest and open in answering every question
  2. Respond to each question in the context of your personality at work, not necessarily who you are at home   
  3. Be confident. This would calm you to a pleasant state of mind to answer the questions
  4. Before taking the test, take your time to search your mind and heart. This would give you full awareness of who you are.
  5. Practice online to get an idea of the questions you will be asked.

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